Air Lock Control Panel

Take a Pelican water tight case, dirty it up, and add some switches and lights, and you get Sci-Fy.  This piece was an airlock control panel for the series The 100. The internal photo shows off Dave’s attention to detail when it comes to clean wiring – not something that most people get to see or appreciate very often.

DSC05339 DSC05342 DSC05344


Seance Crystal

A stack of LED’s embedded in this red tinted clear resin crystal gave this prop for Strange Empire a little bit more life.  Because of the way it was being held in the palm for the shot, a power connection was able to be run from the device and down the back of the hand – hidden from camera and overcoming the need to hide a power supply in a very small object.


Seance Scam

This custom designed and built prop for the series Strange Empire had a little bit of everything – cabinet maker quality wood construction, custom electronics and mechanics, brass work, and velveteen accents.  The levers controlled the working guages, hidden LED’s illuminated the liqiud filled bottles, and the cast gears moved.  We made two additional breakaway versions to be used in a scene where the device is thrown to the floor and destroyed.

DSC05142 DSC05145 DSC05149 DSC05153 DSC05154 DSC05155

A shillelagh (/ʃɨˈlli/ shi-LAY-lee or /ʃɨˈllə/ shi-LAY-lə; Irish: sail éille [ˈsalʲ ˈeːl̠ʲə], a cudgel with a strap) is a wooden walking stick and club or cudgel, typically made from a stout knotty stick with a large knob at the top, that is associated with Ireland and Irish folklore.

Thank-you Wikipedia.  That’s what we made here, using an actual hawthorn branch accented with epoxy clay, leather strapping, and a custom paint job.  A stunt foam version was also produced.  Both the original and stunt are show in these photos – a knock on the head will tell you which is which.  Another “Curiosity” for Strange Empire.

DSC05245 DSC05252 DSC05246