These serious looking lanterns for the series Arrow needed to be lengthened in order to house lighting electronics in the bottom half.  Some constructing and a matching paint job later, and I think the taller versions look better than the original shorter ones.




These small air to ground missles we did for The Flash needed to be built  of aluminum and ABS to withstand being thrown to the ground.


Crystal Ball

We built a programable LED RGB circuit into the base for this crystal ball, then frosted the crystal a bit with clear lacquer to help with light refraction.  Via remote control, we could cycle through different colours, pulse or fade the lighting as needed.

DSC05126 DSC05128

Spirit Trumpet

Apparently, this sort of long, tin trumpet was a common prop used in scenance performances of the late 1800’s.  Various types of hidden suspension created the illusion of the trumpet floating in air, and ventrilquism was used to suggest voices of the dead eminating from it.  We did this soldered tin version for the series Strange Empire.