Sword Paint Work- Arrow

We’re proud to have some very experienced painters in our shop.  We don’t skimp on detail and workmanship just because a prop may not be a hero that gets used for close ups.  Our experience with museum, architectural, and military model building means our prop paint and finishing work is some of the best you’ll find anywhere.




Proof – Memory Download

This scanner/memory bank build for the series Proof was a combination of custom components and modified off the shelf products – audio headphones, a server bank, and some extra wires and switches.

IMG_0991 IMG_0988 IMG_0916

Breakaway Bottles – Supernatural

Breakaway stunt bottles are a movie prop standard – but regular candy glass can’t handle the weight of contained liquid.  We customized the chemical composition of the casting resins and casting process to produce bottles that could be completely filled with liquid – allowing for a much more realistic and dramatic break when hit against a wall or table.

IMG_0611 IMG_0624