About Us


The Little Big Workshop is a custom design and fabrication business specializing in film and television props, artistic sculptural reproductions, and promotional design.    Sculpting, mold making and casting,  laser engraving, 3D printing,  custom wood working, CAD drawing, CNC machining, electrical and mechanical accents, or artistic product design – The Little Big Workshop can make what you need – to the highest professional standards.

The Little Big Workshop is owned and operated by Adam Kiidumae and his partner Shoshana.  Adam attended the University of Guelph for studio arts, Emily Carr University of Art and Design for Industrial Design.  Our crew has many years experience working in the model and props industry in Vancouver.

One Reply to “About Us”

  1. Hi,

    I’m a mechatronic engineering student in my junior year, and I was wondering if my degree would make me a viable candidate for a job in this field. By the time I get my degree I’ll be well rounded in CAD, machining, and circuitry. I thoroughly enjoyed your gallery, and I think this is a job/field where I could get to do something that I love.


    Lyle H.

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