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The summer and fall were incredibly busy for TLBW – so much so that I haven’t posted anything in ages.  We’ve been doing tons of great stuff though – and in order to showcase it properly, I’m going to get around to upgrading the website, which is long over due.  In the mean time here’s a quick small sample of some of what we’ve been doing over the last little while.  Stay tuned, we just keep doing bigger and better things.

Sword Paint Work- Arrow

We’re proud to have some very experienced painters in our shop.  We don’t skimp on detail and workmanship just because a prop may not be a hero that gets used for close ups.  Our experience with museum, architectural, and military model building means our prop paint and finishing work is some of the best you’ll find anywhere.



Breakaway Bottles – Supernatural

Breakaway stunt bottles are a movie prop standard – but regular candy glass can’t handle the weight of contained liquid.  We customized the chemical composition of the casting resins and casting process to produce bottles that could be completely filled with liquid – allowing for a much more realistic and dramatic break when hit against a wall or table.

IMG_0611 IMG_0624

I Zombie – Foam is Fun

Foam castings allow for otherwise heavy objects to be attached to actors in ways in which the original objects couldn’t be – great for things like protruding kitchen implements and foliage.  We’ve done a few of these “plant-on” props for the popular TV series  I Zombie.

IMG_0599 IMG_0606 IMG_5373

IMG_0020 IMG_0045 IMG_0048IMG_0049

Olympus – Ancient Greek Props

The series Olympus has recently aired on the ScyFy Network, and we’re proud to have done a large number of props for it – stunt swords, daggers, and blades of all kinds.  We’ve been told that our stunt swords not only looked great, but held up exceptionally well through the punishing combat scenes.

Our cast bronze knife and a rubber copy      DSC05224