Dead Rising Weapons

The infamous Sledge Saw from Dead Rising Watchtower – the crown jewel in our prop build collection from the film – presented in all it’s gore splattered, posterboy glory, along with some other pieces from the movie.  Yes, we are proud…






Dead Rising

OK, what props didn’t we make for this movie?  We had a great time creating the weapons mashups for Dead Rising – most notably the infamous Sledgesaw, Rotoshield, and Hedgewacker – plus tons more.  I’ll post more sexy screen shots as I find them. Great builds.


Yes, we got to do a pile of props for a zombie flic recently – and not just any zombie flic – the Dead Rising franchise.  It airs on Crackle on March 27th.  I’ll post the majority of the pics after it airs, but you can see a couple of the main ones we did on this snazzy poster Crackle just released.  Can’t wait to see it.



These serious looking lanterns for the series Arrow needed to be lengthened in order to house lighting electronics in the bottom half.  Some constructing and a matching paint job later, and I think the taller versions look better than the original shorter ones.


Crystal Ball

We built a programable LED RGB circuit into the base for this crystal ball, then frosted the crystal a bit with clear lacquer to help with light refraction.  Via remote control, we could cycle through different colours, pulse or fade the lighting as needed.

DSC05126 DSC05128