Some of the things we’re good at…


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From highly detailed artistic brush work, to professional spray finishing, we can paint.   Faux finishes in metalics, aging and weathering, and patinas – we can make anything look like it came right off the assembly line, or out of an archeological  dig.

Sculpting, Molding, and Casting

IMG_1193    IMG_3706IMG_2308

Silicone rubbers, foams, plasters, plastics etc  – from small to large, we know how to professionally mold and cast all kinds of objects.  Many of the photos on this site include the original piece, and the foam or rubber casting next to it.  We pride ourselves on not being able to tell the difference.


minority report scanner2   IMG_4264   IMG_1126

Custom electronics for lighting, motors and remote operation – we can fabricate micro accents, or complex systems.

Laser Engraving

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Our Trotec Laser allows for precision piece cutting and engraving in plastics and woods.  Patterns, signage, custom stamps, and personalized text on objects…and tons more.


IMG_2419   IMG_1534IMG_0419   unnamed

With industrial sewing equipment and leather working tools, we can produce wearable objects from loin cloths to body armor.

Shop Production

IMG_5217   DSC05148   IMG_5177

TLBW has the shop equipment and expertise to cut, sand, drill, weld, carve, polish, mix, bend, and join raw building materials into functional and aesthetic works.

CAD/3D Printing/CNC Machining

Picture 003   IMG_1675   IMG_2297

bird head 3d print2

We can take drawings and convert them into something with more of a physical presence with our Formlabs 2 Steriolithographic 3D printer, and CanCam 4 axis CNC machine.

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  1. Your site and work is amazing. Looking forward to following your projects to come. It’s always exciting to see concept brought to reality. Thank you for sharing!

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