What We Do

Some of the things we’re good at…



Architectural buildings, gaming pieces, prototype displays, etc – we can make scale replicas in a variety of materials, and even incorporate mechanical or electrical accents.

Molds and Casting


We definitely can make multiples of what you need through a variety of mold making and casting techniques.  Silicone rubbers, foams, plasters, plastics etc  – from small to large.



Whatever kind of object you need to convey recognition of achievement, we can fabricate and personalize the kind of award/trophy that will impress and express quality.

Laser Engraving


Our Trotec Laser allows for precision piece cutting and engraving in plastics and woods.  Patterns, signage, custom stamps, and personalized text on objects…and tons more.

Film and Telivision Reproductions/Modifications


From soft to hard builds, tech, body armour, weapons, prosthetics, etc, we can custom build whatever you need from scratch, or modify off the shelf products to what you want.

Shop Production


TLBW has the shop equipment and expertise to cut, sand, drill, weld, carve, paint, polish, sew, mix, bend, and join raw building materials into functional and aesthetic products.



We can take your CAD drawings and convert them into something with more of a physical presence.  Or, we can do the 3-D drawings for you.  Coming soon… a new CNC mill!


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