Some examples of what we’ve worked on…

PEC Electrical Safety Model




Props – Level Up

Props – Once Upon A Time

Prop – Hidden

Prop – Prime Evil

Prop – Elysium


6 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. Really incredible work. I will refer you for sure. Thank you for sharing. Super great collection of past projects – my mind automatically looked for a way to write something into a script for you to create.

    • Aw, sweet, thanks Ashley – you’re also to the first person to leave a post on my blog – bonus points. Keep in touch, I’m going to try to do more of that for a change in general. Cheers

  2. Pingback: Update! | inhabiting elsewhere

    • Hey thanks for the inquiry, but no, the armour became the property of the production as soon as we finished it – long gone. I actually saw it up for sale online a while ago – somebody got a hold of it somehow… Thanks.

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